Azores Pico Island Portugal


On Pico Island in his home distillery,Augusto Silva shows me the fruits of his labor from which he makes his sweet liquor.His stone walled vineyards of Verdelho grapes are within the Unesco World heritage site in the Criaco Velha wine region on this tiny Island in the Azores.

Costa Rica Flash Dance


A happy accident. Often I “drag the shutter” when shooting flash. Using a shutter speed of 1 second or more, the speed of the flash freezes motion while the background swirls. While Photographing this dancer in Costa Rica with this technique I happened to catch the flash exposure of two other photographers

Compass Youth Collaborative

compass youth collaborative peace builders Hartford

What a pleasure it has been to work with the Compass Youth Collaborative and the Compass Peace builders out on the streets of the North end of Hartford. Only an hour away from Northampton yet worlds apart. Looking forward to another day out in the community with them.


Extremadura, Spain: Trujillo’s Conquistadors and Plasencia.

Extremadura, Trujillo, spain
Extremadura, Trujillo

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Extremadura. Savoring the Taste of Spain


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Trujillo Spain.

Trujillo children playing in the streets

The city of Trujillo in Extremadura , Spain, feels unchanged by the passage of time. The home of the conquistadors who changed the world in the 16th century, It is a must see destination if you are in Extremadura.

#36th Annual NOHO Pride March 2017


Over 35,000 people turned out for the 36th annual NOHO pride march this year in the paradise of America, Northampton, Massachusetts.

Extravaganja 2017 It takes a village to light a bong


Extravaganja 2017 Northampton, Mass.  It takes a village to light a bong.

Extravaganja 2017


Extravaganja 2017. Northampton, Mass.

Japan Travel Kicking it in Kanto

Grilling Unagi at Kawatoyo,Narita.Japan.

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Boy and bronze mask, Teatro Guimera, Santa Cruz, Tenerife. #spain #canaryislands

Boy and bronze mask, Teatro Guimera, Santa Cruz, Tenerife, spain, canary islands.

The Johnny Memphis Band. Luthiers, East Hampton,MA.

The Johnny Memphis Band. Luthiers, East Hampton,MA.

The Johnny Memphis Band. Luthiers, East Hampton,MA.



Tokyo Bay Japan.

Yakatabune boat on the  Sumida River in tokyo bay japan

Tokyo rises from the waters of the Sumida River.

Unagi In Narita Japan


Grilling Unagi (eel) in Narita Japan at Kawatoyo. A spectacular dish. The Unagi is cooked three times. Grilled, steamed and a final grilling in sauce to reach a luxurious finish. Really good.

Taproot Magazine

taproot,christmas, farm,

I’m very happy to be in the winter addition of Taproot. ” the magazine for makers, doers and dreamers”. These are first hand stories from people sharing their real life stories. I photographed Emmet Van Driesche’s article , ‘Taking Over The Farm” about his  Christmas tree farm in Conway , MA. Great guy, great story.

Japan. Boating in Sawara.


Boat ride on The Onogawa river in Sawara in Japan. A beautiful city with ancient traditional streets and houses.

Nevis, Pictures of Paradise. A slideshow from the Caribbeans most beautiful Island.


Follow this link to check out my images from Nevis.

Nevis, West Indies: Pictures of Paradise

Prince Edward Island International Shellfish Festival 2016

Winner, chef Andrew MacLeod cooking at the final round of the p.e.i. shellfish festivals Garland chef challenge.

Chef Andrew MacLeod (right) winner of the Garland 10,000 dollars Chef Challenge at the P.E.I. Shellfish Festival last Sunday, dishes out a heap of steaming mussels in Competition with chef Mark Andrews.

Nevis Mango Festival Dancers Charlestown.

nevis-masquerad- dance-mango-festival-children

Children dancing at the Nevis Mango festival 2016 in Charlestown.

Huggins Bay Nevis


Off the beaten track in Nevis, Huggins Bay on the eastern side of the Island is rocky and beautiful. For more info on travel to this amazing place go to, Nevis Naturally

Thousands Gather in Northampton MA to Honor Orlando shooting victims

northampton candlelight vigil for Orlando shooting vicims

Thousands of people attended a candlelight vigil in Northampton, MA. last night to honor the victims of the Orlando shooting.

Elizabeth Warren protested by Bernie Sanders supporters in Northampton, MA.

bernie sanders supporters protest elizabeth warren

Bernie Sanders supporters protest Elizabeth Warrens endorsement of Hillary Clinton at the World war II club in Northampton Ma. yesterday.

Remembering the Springfield Tornado

tornado-springfield-5 yrs ago
a man sits outside what is left of his home on the corner of Beeh and Central st.

Remembering the Springfield tornado. Five years ago today, a tornado tore through Springfield MA. My friend, radio jounalist Nancy Cohen and I covered it and she has a wonderful radio piece on NEPR today looking back on the effects. Here is the link.


25th annual Extravaganja, Northampton.



Cunca, spain

Cuenca, the city on a hill is such a special place. Crossing this foot bridge is like traveling back in time.

United Way of Hampshire County video ‘Superhero”

What a pleasure to work with United Way on this video. My Goals for the images were to show real people in the real world getting real help. I think we nailed it.  Special thanks to Sony Music Entertainment and Five for Fighting for granting license to use the song ‘ Superman”.

Bernie Sanders heckled by Trump supporter at Umass Amherst speech.

Bernie sanders ralley, umass amherst 1/2/2016 trump

1/2/2016 Bernie Sanders was heckled today by a Donald  Trump supporter at a rally and speech at  the Umass Amherst fine arts center.

The man stood with a sign that read” Obama is a christian like Bruce Jenner is a woman.” He was  quickly escorted out of the building.

Civita di Bangnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bangnoregio. The dying city on hill is beautiful as it holds on for life battling erosion.

Mr. G from Whately MA Wins Latin Grammy!

Mister G whately musician winner latin grammy

A shout out to the valleys very own Mr G , Ben Grundersheimer from Whately, Ma. who just won the Latin Grammy for best children’s album. Way to go Ben!

Flying Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus business class lounge Dublin
Aer Lingus business class lounge Dublin

Flying Aer Lingus. Great people,spectacular service, but………………….

A few weeks ago I flew Aer Lingus from Boston to Rome and back again with a layover in Dublin. I fly a lot, and like anybody who does, I have opinions about air lines. What I like, what I think works, and what I absolutely hate.

Flying these days demands self control and patience. I know I am going to be waiting in lines, strangers will jostle me for position. I will be searched, sprint to make connecting flights. I will pay too much for bad food. If I make the flight,  I will then be crammed into a small tubular flying petri dish for many hours, hoping not to fall out of the sky. All I expect an airline to  do is to try their best to make it as easy as possible.

Aer Lingus has some of the best staff I have ever encountered. They were personable, efficient and well, really funny. As a photographer I love observing people who were good at their jobs. As a passenger, I was  grateful. They helped me snag the last Aisle seat. They dealt with a sick passenger with kindness and seemed to enjoy the abundant personal requests made of them.

Dinner and beverages were served with a smile, The seats were pretty comfortable, plenty of box office movies, and I have to say that the food was damn good for economy class.

In Dublin, thanks to Aer Lingus I had pre arranged access to use the business class lounge.

What a fantastic thing to have a comfortable lounge seat, free wifi, a fine selection of beverages, and a buffet style breakfast bar. There are two floors with a quiet section in the rear of the 2nd floor. A nice oasis to escape to.

Now for the but……………..

With all the good things I had been feeling about Aer Lingus, I was not expecting the comedy of errors clown show that was my return home flight from Rome to Dublin.

  1. Arriving at the check in desk, it was closed. I had to ask information to find out it had been moved to another terminal. No small thing and a long walk.
  2. Finally ticketed, I was told the wrong gate for the transfer bus.
  3. The transfer bus deposits you in a small  terminal with too few chairs and just a small coffee shop. Eat before you get there, you are trapped.
  4. 40 minute wait in line after the flight had been called.
  5. Plane boards from both the front and the rear. Mayhem and gridlock in the isle as folks squeeze past each other. This was actually the most comedic moment of my whole trip.
  6. US bound passengers must clear US customs in Dublin. No customs forms given out on the plane before landing.,
  7. Rush to customs,  Crowd gathers to fill out forms, get in line. We are individually told that we cannot be seen and must wait until our luggage arrives. We wait…. and  wait. Get back in line.

After clearing customs we all sprint to make the flight to Boston. A kind of solidarity of shared struggle had enveloped the group. One man said,” I hate this”  A lady said, ‘ I fly them because they have the best price, it’s worth it” Another woman looked up and said “  and the people are great”

That’s exactly how I felt. Aer Lingus has a reputation for good service, good people for good reason. I would fly with them again with delight, but watch out for the Rome connections.