Jesus Deceives

jesus decives sign in st. kittsJust another little visual tid bit from down on the islands. I found this on a wall of a shop that not only offered strong religious commentary, they had the sweetest cheesecake I have ever had.

cindy sheehan northampton

Cindy Sheehan calls for impeachment

cindy sheehan  northampton ma
Cindy Sheehan, who became an anti- war activist after her son Casey was killed in the Iraq war, spoke at the First Church in Northampton, Mass last night to a full house. Her message was simple and clear. “ When the Bush crime family killed my son, they killed the wrong person, I am only one person, but I will see that they are all held accountable for what they did”. Sheehan called on the crowd to join with her in demanding the impeachment of president Bush. “ This is our country,” she said” It is up to us to save it”

St. Kitts Aids Awareness

So… I am always pleased when I find someone with as sick of a sense of humor as I have. While walking through a park in St. Kitts, one of the lovely representatives from the Island who was showing us around, added her hands to this shot I was taking of these Aids awareness card board cut outs that were scattered around in an area frequented at night by young lovers. This was one funny woman, who’s name I shall not reveal for her own protection. Although she was a gracious and fine person I did not believe her for a second when she told me that she had never been in this park before….

St. Kitts Posing Goat

Another shot from Wednesday in St. Kitts. Goats roam the island freely, returning to their owners at night after a day of foraging.

St. Kitts

Travel is an amazing thing. I shot the top image yesterday on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean; of the beautiful Marriott Resort and Royal beach Casino that I had the pleasure of staying in. Above are children getting out of school at the base of the Mt. Liamuiga volcano that I had climbed the day before. Waking up with palm trees swaying in the 80-degree breeze was a sharp contrast to sitting in a dead car freezing to death at 2;00 am this morning in the long-term parking lot at JFK Air Port in New York. Just when I was about abandon my car and grab a flight back to the island, the courtesy van appeared in front of my car to offer me a free jump. I did not get his name, but that guy saved my butt, and renewed my faith in New York.



Patagonia Chile man with beard smoking

mr potato head

mr. potato head I found this potato in a field in Idaho and knew it would come in handy. It’s a teaser for my new story on Boise coming up soon at I send this out to my friend Kathy Brown from Twin falls Idaho. Click on the image for a larger view.

The Year Of The Pig

chinese new year of the pig dancers florence ma. great wall restaurant

It is the Chinese New year and Clara, the owner of the Great Wall restaurant in Florence Massachusetts did it up right. She had a big crowd for these dancers today. Last night she invited her family and a few lucky friends for a feast. This is the year of the pig, and she not only stuffed us with Lobster, Peking duck and squid, she roasted two whole pigs. I traveled to Taiwan last year and her food is as authentic as you can get in the USA. Happy New Year!

Valley Advocate cover: 2/15/07

This is today’s cover of the Valley Advocate. I shot it over the weekend at The Elevens, a music club in beautiful downtown Northampton. The singer at the mike is Tim Minor. Check out the link to the Advocate to read the entire story.

Sululik, Air Greenland’s in flight magazine#2

This is the final page of the photo spread I did for Sululik, Air Greenland’s in flight magazine. Click on the photo to view at full size

Sululik. Air Greenland’s in flight magazine

This is a photo spread I did for Air Greenland’s in flight magazine, Sululik. I traveled there recently with Max Hartshorne, commander and chief of Gonomad. com. We are having our first major snow storm of the season here in Massachusetts. I finally can use those expensive boots that I had bought for the trip. Check out the next posting for the final page of the spread. If you click on an image, you can view it at full size.