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Costa Rica Flash Dance

A happy accident. Often I “drag the shutter” when shooting flash. Using a shutter speed of 1 second or more, the speed of the flash freezes motion while the background swirls. While Photographing this dancer in Costa Rica… Read More

Joby GorillaPod Focus in Costa Rica

Joby in the jungle: The GorillaPod Focus tripod review

As a travel photographer for Gonomad.com, I have hauled an ungodly amount of equipment across the globe. There is always a conflict between what I can carry and what I need to get the job done. For years… Read More

Arenal volcano costra rica by paul shoul

Traveling Costa Rica

Check out my new story: ” A Costa Rica Adventure: Pura Vida in the Jungle” on Gonomad.com

iquana at hotel si como no manuel antonio costa rica

Day of the Iguana. Costa Rica

An iguana hangs out at the pool side bar of hotel Si Como No in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica. For more info on travel to Costa Rica, check out: Austin Lehman Adventures

baby boa constrictor manuel antonio costa rica photo paul shoul

Baby Boa Constrictor Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

In Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, a man holds a baby boa constrictor tightly by the neck. He had captured it at his home, and was returning it to the jungle.I had never seen a snake strike before, lightning… Read More

Capuchin monkey Agujas beach costa rica

Capuchin monkey Costa Rica

A Capuchin monkey peers down from the tree tops near Agujas beach on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

cartago,costa rica shop keeper selling salvadores

Virgin of the Angels: Cartago, Costa Rica

The Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels is a Roman catholic Basilica in the town of Cartago, Costa Rica built in 1639. It is the home of The Virgin of the Angels, a small statue of the… Read More

andy austin at the rios tropicales lodge canopy zip line costa rica

Welcome to the jungle: Greetings from Costa Rica

Take 270 lbs of adventure photographer and Montana state football player Andy Austin, add 30 lbs of camera equipment and sweat, fly them through the jungle 50 feet in the air and you have a serious test of… Read More