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Bilbao Spain La Ribera Market. The Three Little Pigs

Spain is one my favorite food destinations. This is a shot of all things pork at the La Ribera market in Bilbao.

Portrait of a Spanish Shepherd.

  Extremadura Spain. A portrait of a Spainish shepherd. I love Extremadura, Often over looked by travelers, this region on the boarder with Portugal has spectacular landscapes, amazing food, and some of the  most well preserved Roman ruins …

Spain: Tenerife Carnival Vixens

An image from my story “Tenerife’s Wild Carnival“.  “Historically, Carnival is the last chance to party for Catholics before 40 days of Lent, a time of penance, sacrifice, and reflection. There will be no abstinence tonight and much …

Extremadura, Spain: Trujillo’s Conquistadors and Plasencia.

Check out my new story from Extremadura Spain on Gonomad https://www.gonomad.com/95815-extremadura-spain-trujillos-conquistadors-plasencia

Extremadura. Savoring the Taste of Spain

Check out my new story on Extremadura Spain featured on  Gonomad.com “Savoring the Tastes“

Trujillo Spain.

The city of Trujillo in Extremadura , Spain, feels unchanged by the passage of time. The home of the conquistadors who changed the world in the 16th century, It is a must see destination if you are in …


Boy and bronze mask, Teatro Guimera, Santa Cruz, Tenerife, spain, canary islands.

The Paradores of Spain and the route of Don Quixote slideshow

watch?v=JxC2FKPru5w&feature=share&list=UUpbo4FGfGJoQe4E93OtJ4xw The Paradores of Spain and the route of Don Quixote offer travelers a unique opportunity to follow in the foot steps of Miguel de Cervantes famous character from his novel, The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La …

saffron Consuegra Spain

Saffron, The Gold of Consuegra

  This is  a pile of freshly picked Saffron from Consuegra, Spain. Many feel that is the best in the world. To learn more about Spanish Saffron, follow this link to Oro de Consuegra .

two girls escape from church in Alcalá de Henares Spain

Escape from the Church

Two girls escape from church in Alcalá de Henares Spain.

plaza de cervantes photo of statue and stork in Alcala de Henares spain

Plaza de Cervantes

Alcalá de Henares is the birthplace of  Miguel de Cervates, the author of  the famous novel, Don Quixote de la Mancha. It is also known for it’s population of white storks, like the one nesting on a roof …

las fallas valencia

Valencia Las Fallas

  Valencia is a beautiful city to visit any time of the year, but for the next month, building up to a crescendo during march 15h -19th, one of the great festivals on the planet is about to …

Cuenca Spain a woman hangs laundry to dry in the morning sunlight

Good Morning Cuenca

A woman hangs her laundry to dry in the morning sunlight in the historic walled city of Cuenca, Spain.

D K Bhaskar getting a trim at the barber Carrasco in Toboso by Rodrigas Manuel

The Barber of El Toboso

The small town of El Toboso located in the Province of Toledo in central Spain, is where the character Dulcinea, the woman whom Don Quixtoe loved in Miguel Cervantes famous book. Although a work of fiction, the places …

Windmills of spain in castilla la mancha the route of don quixote

The Windmills of Spain

The Windmills of Spain in La Mancha, on the route of Don Quixote.

skateboarder in plaza de cervatentes alcala de henares spain

Skateboarding in Spain

Skateboarders come out at dusk in the Plaza De Cervantes,  Alcala’ de Henares Spain.  

Alcalá de Henares danacing in the streets of spain

Alcalá de Henares Dancing in the Streets

Spain: Dancing in the streets of Alcalá de Henares, a young couple practices for their weddings first dance.

Children playing out side of the Cathedral de los Santos Ninos Jysto y Pastor de Alcala Henares

Cathedral of los Santos Niños Justo y Pastor de Alcalá de Henares Spain

Children playing outside of the Cathedral de los Santos Ninos Jysto y Pastor de Alcala Henares. The medieval center of Alcala is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also home to one of Spain’s fantastic Paradores.

Travelpro 24"expandable rollaboard suiter in Spain

Travelpro Crew 8 Luggage, A Road Test Review.

Road Test Review: Travel Pro’s Expandable Rollaboard Suiter By Paul Shoul We all know that the world is not flat, but when you travel as much as we do at Gonomad.com you find out just how rough and …

nuns walking in Toledo Spain

Nuns on the Run

Nuns on the run in Toledo Spain.

almagro plaza mayor a conversation in spain

Almagro Spain.The Conversation

A simple conversation in The Plaza Mayor of Almagro, represents to me the pace of life I keep coming back to Spain for. No billboards or flashing neon signs or people occupying the same space yet staring into …


This is the view from the balcony of the Parador Toledo. The capital of the  autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha, it is a spectacular ancient city and the Parador across the river is a destination in and of …

reflection in an upside down glass of wine in toledo spain

Drinking from the bottom of a glass of Spanish wine.

A week after the October snow storm that devastated my area of Massachusetts, I finally had time to down load my images from a tour of Paradores in Spain I was on the week before the storm. I …

Almagro Spain

Street life Almagro Spain

Almagro is a classic old Spanish town. Comfortable, incredibly scenic with a healthy street life and an ample cast of old characters.  One such local hero rode around the town with his best friend, a small puppy on …

las fallas young queens

Las Fallas Valencia

The young queens of Las Fallas

valencia street life bubble blower

Valencia street life

Spain. Valencia street life

Eating San Sebastian

Here is a link to my new story on Gonomad.com, Eating San Sebastian: Three meals, hard cider and a whole lot of Pintxos  

San Sebastián-Donostia

A fisherman heads out to sea in San Sebastian-Donostia.

Tapas San Sebastian

San Sebastian is the Tapas Mecca of the world. If the love of food has ever reached a spiritual level, it is here. This is where you will find tapas (pintxos) in all their variety, complexity, and beautiful …

Photographing La Crema, the burning of Las Fallas, Valencia 2011

Photographing La Crema, the burning of the fallas in Valencia is thrilling and just a little dangerous. The climax of a week of partying and huge fireworks displays, the final act is the burning of the over 300 …