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Iron Bowl Alabama- Auburn football game, it’s all about the fans

Birmingham Alabama; The Alabama Auburn football game was quite a spectacle. Over 100,000 fans packed into the stadium. It was cold and loud and I loved every second of it. The Fans are really into football here in… Read More

Where to stay in Santiago Chile, Meridiano Sur Petit Hotel.

I stayed in the Meridiano Sur, Petit Hotel for two nights last week in Santiago. Located in Providencia, the heart of a cool section of the city with plenty of street life and restaurants. It is only two… Read More

Casa Lapostolle Vineyard and Winery Chile

I have always loved the wines of Lapostolle and now that I have had the chance to visit their vineyard in Chile I am even more of a fan. They are 100% organic, have built a gravity fed… Read More

Santiago Chile and the Gorda Completa-Full Fat Hot Dog Extravaganza

I am traveling to Chile next week and am thrilled to be going back. I have unfinished business there, the Gorda Completa. During my last trip I only had time for a quick walk around Santiago and grabbed… Read More

The Best Octopus in Santiago de Compostela Spain. O Celme do Caraco

I ate a lot of Octopus in Santiago last week; Boiled in a copper pot, served in chunks on wood, Grilled and Sliced thin on slate with olive oil, adorned with molecular foam, and wrapped in a small… Read More

Drinking Mexico

This is a true story. Some years back I was photographing at the market in Merida, in the Yucatan, Mexico.I had sat down to eat a few tacos and made the acquaintance of three gentlemen: The taco stand… Read More

To See or Not to See

In the Plaza Botero in Medellin Colombia, a half man levers his way across my my field of vision and I instinctively shoot his photograph. I feel guilty, I am scared of him. I tell my self it… Read More