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Sloss Furnace Birmingham Alabama

Sloss furnace in Birmingham Alabama operated from 1882 until 1972. It produced pig iron from its huge blast furnaces. The  narrow cat walks tunnels and rusted metal machinery is on a scale that is intimidating when you think… Read More

Birmingham Alabama Civil Rights District Kelly Ingram Park

In 1963, members of the Ku Klux clan planted a bomb at the 16Th street Baptist church that was at the center of the civil rights movement in Birmingham Alabama. The bombing killed four young Afro American girls…. Read More

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Ray Scott, Hanging with the Godfather of Bass in Alabama

Alabama. Ray Scott is a big man. He has a big house, a big hat, he catches big bass. Above all he has a huge personality that is infectious. He is a man with a million stories of… Read More

Saw’s BBQ, Alabama cooking at its best

Alabama is a barbecue lovers heaven. In the small neighborhood of Homewood just out side of Birmingham, there is an unassuming little place called Saw’s, short for “sorry ass Wilson’s after the owner Mike Wilson, where I had… Read More

Iron Bowl Alabama- Auburn football game, it’s all about the fans

Birmingham Alabama; The Alabama Auburn football game was quite a spectacle. Over 100,000 fans packed into the stadium. It was cold and loud and I loved every second of it. The Fans are really into football here in… Read More

Where to stay in Santiago Chile, Meridiano Sur Petit Hotel.

I stayed in the Meridiano Sur, Petit Hotel for two nights last week in Santiago. Located in Providencia, the heart of a cool section of the city with plenty of street life and restaurants. It is only two… Read More

Casa Lapostolle Vineyard and Winery Chile

I have always loved the wines of Lapostolle and now that I have had the chance to visit their vineyard in Chile I am even more of a fan. They are 100% organic, have built a gravity fed… Read More

Santiago Chile and the Gorda Completa-Full Fat Hot Dog Extravaganza

I am traveling to Chile next week and am thrilled to be going back. I have unfinished business there, the Gorda Completa. During my last trip I only had time for a quick walk around Santiago and grabbed… Read More

The Best Octopus in Santiago de Compostela Spain. O Celme do Caraco

I ate a lot of Octopus in Santiago last week; Boiled in a copper pot, served in chunks on wood, Grilled and Sliced thin on slate with olive oil, adorned with molecular foam, and wrapped in a small… Read More

Drinking Mexico

This is a true story. Some years back I was photographing at the market in Merida, in the Yucatan, Mexico.I had sat down to eat a few tacos and made the acquaintance of three gentlemen: The taco stand… Read More

To See or Not to See

In the Plaza Botero in Medellin Colombia, a half man levers his way across my my field of vision and I instinctively shoot his photograph. I feel guilty, I am scared of him. I tell my self it… Read More